Promoting Bone Health Naturally: What You Can Do Right Now

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It was a great afternoon and evening at Alfalfa’s.  Once again thank you Alfalfa’s for opening your Community Room for a talk about promoting bone health naturally.

Attendees said they particularly appreciated the What You Can Do Right Now bottom line tips on cooking for bone health so we reproduce it here.


Embrace the joys of food preparation and of cooking.

Think bone health when you plan meals, shop and cook.

Sun mushrooms

Use sprouted nuts, pulses, grains and beans

Properly prepare greens

Pre-soak oats

Use lots of fresh or home-dried organic herbs

Choose pastured eggs, poultry, and meat

Make or choose sourdough or rye bread

Include fermented food / bone vinegar

Include prebiotic foods

Equip your body to absorb, transport and deposit minerals at the site of bone.

Use 1/2 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to pre-soak organic oats and on freshly steamed or lightly boiled calcium-rich greens and on calcium-rich salad greens such as arugula and watercress. The vinegar makes minerals available for absorption by weakening the antinutrients.

Speak with your doctor about …

Vitamin K2 / take when you consume calcium

MK7  from Natto

Magnesium Oil  Spray

Consuming Soy


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