How the Pomegranate Heals You

pomegranate board.JPG


As we age our cellular powerhouses start to malfunction.  This breakdown is central to a theory on aging, the mitochondrial theory of aging.  If we could figure out how to keep our mitochondria not only intact but keep their numbers high, we may not age.

Recent work has shown that a substance provided by the pomegranate and also found in nuts and berries – urolithin A – helps the mitochondria keep house, to such a degree that rats and mice in age decline were able to exercise again.

However this star molecule does not come directly from the pomegranate.  It is a product of intestinal flora, when substances from the pomegranate are transformed by gut microbes.

Unfortunately microbial diversity is in severe decline in the West, and not everyone has the specific microbes to transform the mighty pomegranate into an age-defying  superfood.

So research is underway to deliver urolithin A directly to patients, circumventing the need for the right intestinal bacteria.  “By helping the body to renew itself, urolithin A could well succeed where so many pharmaceutical products, most of which have tried to increase muscle mass, have failed. The nutritional approach opens up territory that traditional pharma has never explored. It’s a true shift in the scientific paradigm.”

We couldn’t agree more, and it’s about time we came back around to real healing.

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